Vapex Premium E-Cigarette Review

Being a chain smoker, from the age of 20 itself, I started noticing some perturbing signs that made me think about my smoking habit. Whole my life I’ve been a heavy smoker, I always knew it is going to kill me eventually but only a smoker can understand how difficult it is to quit this. So, finally my wife brought me Vapex E Cig, needless to say they are healthy.

I’ve become a fan of this amazing harmless gadget. Let me introduce you to this…

About the Product-

If you are a smoker then you must have heard of electronic cigarettes and their benefits. This is the same E cig that contains no unhealthy or noxious components. This is especially created for those who want to adopt a new and healthy way to smoke. I can assure you that this will help you to a great extent.

Vapex E Cigarette has-

This only has two main ingredients unlike your traditional cigarettes. Here are the main ingredients…

  • E-liquid Nicotine
  • Flavored Tobacco

How Does this Electronic Cigarette Work?

This is a simple and very easy process that goes something like this…

  • It has a large battery that lasts longer which makes it an ultimate choice
  • Has a manual operation that gives you complete control over each draw
  • The coil vaporize liquid into a fine fog, free of carcinogens
  • Has a mouthpiece to refill that cartomizer 

The Benefits of using this…

  • First advantage is you can smoke anywhere without worrying
  • Smoke around family and non smoking friends
  • You can smoke indoors
  • No more bad odor in mouth and clothes
  • Cut down chances of any serious health problem
  • You save thousands of dollars

Things you Get inside the Vapex E Cig Starter Kit!

A nice leather case, one wall charger, mouthpiece, e-liquid nicotine, cartomizer, rechargeable battery, UAB recharge.

Special Instructions…

These are not my words but according to the site and according to the rules, you are eligible to use these cigarettes if…

  • You are over 18 and living in Alabama, New Jersey, Alaska, Utah and New York
  • If you are pregnant, then ask doctor first

Side Effects?

Though, I haven’t experienced any but if you were a smoker once then it won’t affect you in a bad way. But doctors says even little amount of nicotine can have potential harmful effects, so stay alert.

Some Additional Information!

  • This is not approved by FDA
  • You get a free trial
  • This is risk free
  • Gives you satisfaction guarantee

Where to Buy this Electronic Cigarette?

You can claim a trial pack now by visiting the official page of Vapex E Cig.